Frigidaire Appliance Repair

Customers with a Frigidaire appliance needs a reliable team to repair their tech as needed. Appliance Recovery has an impressive team of experts specializing in Frigidaire tech. Their experience has created a strong reputation as a reliable company delivering professional repair services for Frigidaire appliances.

We all wish our appliances would last forever, but they don’t. Appliances may have performance issues or go out of order due to age, but your Frigidaire appliance could last longer with a repair service. From fridges that stop cooling and freezing to stove ranges that don’t reach the necessary temperature, Appliance Recovery has the right repair service for your home’s essentials.

Appliance Recovery offers appliance repair on Frigidaire appliances, ranging from kitchen tech to accessories, such as replacement parts for washing machines and refrigerators. Our service menu supports homeowners with Frigidaire appliances, and our expert technicians have the best training and industry best practices to ensure your appliance is fixed and ready to go as soon as possible.

We get to our customers as soon as we can; if you run into problems with your Frigidaire appliance, give us a call for a repair. We’re happy to send one of our specialists over! You can call us at (817) 406-7321 to book an appointment.


Great, quick, fast, reliable! Fixed my Frigidaire oven in no time! Definitely recommend went a lot smoother than a lot of other places!

Tiffany S.

I had problems with my Frigidaire refrigerator. It just stopped freezing. I called Appliance Recovery, they came the same day, came in time and did a great job. very professional. Highly recommended!!!

Irina P.

Seems very knowledgeable. I was not expecting that level of professionalism out of and appliance repair service.

Chevy C.


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