Dishwasher Won’t Drain

If you open the dishwasher door and find the bottom of the unit filled with dingy water, the first thing you try is run the dishwasher again. But if your dishwasher won’t drain after that, you might have a problem. It may be easy to fix on your own, but sometimes you may need to call a professional.

What Are Most Common Causes?

Standing water in the filter area — When you remove the dishwasher filters for regular cleaning, you will notice this water. But water in this area is actually completely normal. It usually drains when a cycle starts and it is replaced with fresh water at the end of the cycle.

Garbage disposer problems — When the garbage disposal contains unground food, or food sludge settles in the drainpipe below the disposal, your dishwasher won’t drain properly until the drain or the garbage disposal are cleared. 

Air gap issue — When the dishwasher air gap is working properly, it allows air in so that the dishwasher can drain without creating a vacuum. But if the air gap is clogged or blocked, it will lead to drainage problems.

What To Do About Your Broken Dishwasher

The most frustrating thing to happen in the kitchen is a dishwasher not draining completely. It’s an irritating occurrence that affects all other tasks in the kitchen. But what if you can find a solution? With Appliance Recovery, you can. Sometimes, the problem is with the drain hose or pump or the dishwasher’s motor. You can try troubleshooting the issue by checking for obstructions or ensuring that the drain hose is properly connected. Additionally, if water is not draining from your dishwasher, it may be worth checking the control panel or the dishwasher’s electrical connections. Remember, if the problem persists, it’s best to seek the help of a professional appliance repair service. Don’t ignore the issue, as it can lead to further damage and potentially costly repairs in the future.

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