The cooktop burner doesn’t heat or maintain a consistent temperature

The ability to cook a tasty breakfast in the kitchen in the morning has become a habitual thing for most of us. In preparation for the meal on the electric stovetop burners, most of us have no thought as to how any of its components work. What if something goes wrong the cooktop burner stops heating? You are left feeling miserable and lost because all your plans are ruined. You cannot cook your morning omelet or boil some water. 

Let’s try to understand how your range works and what could go wrong when it stops working at all. 

One of the reasons why the cooktop burner doesn’t heat is because of an electrical short. The element can burn out, or plug-in burners can collect moisture into the power source.

  • To prevent a cooktop burner from shorting because of grease, oil, or moisture, it’s recommended to clean the element tips and inside the receptacle. 
  • When replacing a heating element, ensure to replace the power source receptacle as well. 
  • Never immerse the burner in water. Even a small amount of water could cause serious electrical shock.
  • Use a drip pan to capture grease and oil, however, do not line drip pans with foil. 

A burned-out element is another reason why the cooktop burner stops heating. Each burner element is controlled by its switch. When the switch selector knob is turned to a certain heat setting, the switch allows voltage to travel to the element, which closes the circuit and causes the element to heat. 

  • Inspect the element for any blistering or breaks in the coil. 
  • Look for any breaks or burn spots in the coil.
  • You can check for continuity with a multi-meter if there is no visible damage. If there is no continuity, you have found your problem.
  • Replace the burned-out heating element.

Whenever you need professional help fixing your cooktop burner in Arlington and DFW area, the Appliance Recovery team is always happy to help. In most cases, we carry the part to fix your appliance the same day.